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Since 1985, The Renfrew Centers have been providing clinical excellence within a nurturing environment  empowering adolescent girls and women to change their lives.

The Renfrew Center to Open Facility in West Palm Beach, FL

 This location is Renfrew’s third in Florida and 19th nationwide

The Renfrew Center, the nation’s first residential eating disorder facility dedicated exclusively to the treatment of adolescent girls and women, announced today it is opening its 19th location nationally in West Palm Beach, Florida. The site, scheduled to begin accepting patients in 2018, will be Renfrew’s third facility in Florida.

The new site, like all of Renfrew’s centers, specializes in the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and related mental illnesses. Programming at The Renfrew Center of West Palm Beach will consist of a comprehensive range of services, including day treatment, intensive outpatient and group therapy.

The Renfrew Center was established in 1985 on a 27-acre estate in Philadelphia, PA. It accommodates 58 residents. In 1990, Renfrew opened a 40-bed, residential program on 10 acres in Coconut Creek, FL, just south of Boca Raton.

“We’re excited to bring our experience to the West Palm Beach area,” said Samuel E. Menaged, JD, Founder and President of The Renfrew Centers. “We received feedback from consumers and professionals and observed an overwhelming demand for services that made opening a site in West Palm Beach the obvious next step. This new location will allow patients to easily transition between all levels of care while staying within the state of Florida and close to home.”

Renfrew’s treatment programs are built upon The Renfrew Center Unified Treatment Model for Eating Disorders®, an evidence-based, emotion-focused therapy that addresses eating disorders and their co-morbid symptoms. Within this model, both individual and group therapy are enhanced with a diverse array of services to meet patients’ needs, including nutrition programs, family services and creative arts. Drs. Gayle Brooks and Susan Ice, internationally recognized experts in the eating disorder field, oversee the clinical operations of Renfrew’s 19 locations.

Since 1985, The Renfrew Center, the pioneer in eating disorder treatment and research, has treated more than 75,000 adolescent girls and women with eating disorders and other behavioral health issues and provided training for more than 35,000 professionals. Renfrew has facilities throughout the United States in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas and works directly with most major insurance companies.

For additional information about The Renfrew Center of West Palm Beach or any of the Renfrew programs and services, please call 1-800-RENFREW.